N CH Wesayso Random Acts Of Kindness "Robin"

Breeder: Ilona Jordens, Kennel Wesayso, Norway

Robins parents
Name Eyes HD/AD Shows Other
Spruce Medo B'cuz Wesayso (US IMP) CEA-free HD:B NL CH, NLJW-99 MH done - secure to shots
Cinnaberry's Dreamweaver CEA/PRA-free HD:A N CH, CACIB MH done - secure to shots

Robins littermates
Name Eyes HD/AD Shows Other
Wesayso Trouble With Me CEA-free - - MH done - reacted to shots
Wesayso King Of Bloke And Bird CEA-free HD:A ED:0 N CH, CACIB MH done - reacted to shots
Wesayso Advertising Space CEA free - - -
Wesayso Make Me Pure (Exp. SWE) CEA free HD:A CC MH done - secure to shots, Swedish MT +338 - secure to shots
Wesayso Tripping (Exp. NL) CEA free - CC,CACIB Obedience class C 110 out of 120
Wesayso Spread Your Wings (Exp. FIN) CEA free HD:A ED:0 Very good Finnish MT +63 (didin't pass)
Wesayso Sin Sin Sin (Exp. SWE) CEA free HD:A Good MH done - secure to shots

NL CH NLJW-99 Spruce Medo's B'cuz Wesayso US CH Spruce Medo's Abbyhill Buddy US CH Abbyhill Top Gun Storm's Power Play Storm's TNT
Crossheart Camlin Caper
Storm's Showtime Storm's Command Performance
Storm's Spotlite
US CH Abbyhill Evening Shade US CH Kazan Dacin Lone Eagle Barret Of Kazan
Arrowhill Oklahoma Amy
Storm's Showtime Storm's Command Performance
Storm's Spotlite
US CH Spruce Meadow's Love Song US CH Wolf Manor Honest Pleasure Karousel White Line Fever Mountainpride's Sun King
Bolyn's Copin With Ope
Wolf Manor Sunday Silence Tom Terrific
Wolf Manor's Show Girl
Spruce Meadow's Aurora In Blue North Country Blue Sky Sir Walter Of Spruce Meadow
Spruce Meadow Susie Cue
Lonley Elm Painted Lorren Stony Hills Peter Piper
Lonley Elm Loyal Kenya
N CH Cinnaberry's Dreamweaver KORAD S CH Whooping-Atlas KORAD NORD CH SW-99 Oneway's James Dean INT FIN S N EST CAN CH EJW-91 SW-94 NW-95 Oneway's Got To Be A Lover Oneway's Look Sharp
N CH NW-91'93 SW-92 Oneway's Bloody Mary
KORAD S N CH Fairlines Last Born Advance Jumping Jack Flash
N CH Tanliys Proud Mary
KORAD S CH TJH Bev Gemdales Better Be Good Manzing's Mustard Federal Agent From Foxearth
KORAD INT S N CH NW-94 Fairlines First Class Maid
KORAD S LCH TJH Bev Gemdales Almost In Heaven S LCH S BCH TJH S CH Almonds Hardworking Hero
S LCH S BCH S CH Smooth In My Mind Of Torrosly
INT NORD DK CH NORDW-02 Cinnaberry's Still Smiling INT FIN S CH Monogram's Gentleman O'Queamac CAN CH Queamac Face The Music US CAN CH Breamar's What's His Face
Queamac's Unsinkable Molly Brown
CAN CH Futuremix Shadow FIN CH EUW-91 Dalimattas Future Flipper
Exalted Danja-Natacha
FIN CH BALTJW-99 Dalimatta's Just A Smile Dandinas Amazing Spirit US CAN CH Braemar's What's His Face
FIN CH Dalimattas My Sweet Lady
Dalimatta's Just For Me Fairlines First Class Lover
WJW-89 Fairlines Future Dream